Marie Marchand, consultant and trainer

A Canadian mother of three, Marie has more than 27 years international experience in Early Childhood teaching in Canada, Switzerland and Hong Kong. She holds a degree in Childhood Education from McGill University, is a trained parenting coach and was a Kindergarten teacher for 28 years. Marie teaches parenting courses and gives workshops to parents, schools, corporations and groups (Parent-teacher associations, Churches, Chambers of Commerce, etc). She has been a guest speaker at the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) conference in the United States and is the co-author of Home From Home, a bestselling children’s book about relocation to a new country.

“As a parent, you want a calm, happy family environment and you want to see your children grow into responsible adults leading healthy, meaningful lives. Of course, such an environment does not just happen. It takes love, discipline, and lots of understanding. Like most people, you have never had any training in being a good parent…until now!“


Parents Teachers

Schools Companies

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The goal in life is to create happy memories.

– Marie Marchand