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Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognise and manage one’s own emotions while respecting those of others, and express thoughts and feelings in a healthy and constructive manner.  Developing emotional intelligence is important in preparing children for the ups and downs inevitable in life, and parents can support this growth by opening up a safe communication channel to discuss topics that are often difficult to bring up.  As a result, your children can be empowered to perform with confidence, foster a meaningful connection with you, and reach their fullest potential.


The bilingual Emotional Intelligence Developmental Kit is an at-home tool to help parents nurture essential life skills and enjoy meaningful conversations with their children, and is lovingly created to help each child:


Grow: Develop self-understanding and confidence, cultivate core values and independent thinking, and develop accountability to follow through with goals
Connect: Develop empathy and honest communication, leading to more meaningful relationships with you and others
Be well: Focus on health, self care and gratitude to ensure a good balance between physical and mental development


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